1A LSD(ALD-52)


Chemical: ALD-52, 1A-LSD, 1-acetyl-lysergic acid diethylamide
Dose: 100mcg
Purity: >98%

ALD-52 is the N-acetyl derivative of LSD. Given that there is little literature on this material, there arises a great opportunity to study and research its physical and chemical properties. As always with lysergamides, extreme care must be taken when handling this material and protective gloves should be worn at all times.

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This is also as a mood-changing chemical of very high potency. formed from naturally occurring acid and is found in some grains. It is an odorless and colorless chemical with a slightly bitter taste seen in both the crystal and the liquid form. It is synthetically made from lysergic acid, which is found in ergot, a fungus that grows on rye and other grains. LSD is so potent its doses tend to be in the microgram (mcg) range. .................................................

What is 1A LSD / ALD 52 LSD

ALD-52 for sale or N-acetyl-LSD is a less common chemical analogue of LSD, first synthesised by Albert Hoffman. It was famously implicated in the ‘Orange Sunshine’ trial. A psychedelic lysergamide, this compound exhibits similar properties to LSD, and is thought to be a pro-drug for LSD. ALD-52, or N-acetyl-LSD is a less common chemical analogue of LSD, first synthesised by Albert Hoffman.

It was famously implicate d in the ‘Orange Sunshine’ trial. A psychedelic lysergamide, this compound exhibits similar properties to LSD, and is thought to be a pro-drug for LSD. Although ALD-52 is technically capable of producing hallucinatory states in a fashion that is on par with psilocin or DMT in its vividness and intensity, these effects are incredibly rare and inconsistent in comparison. what is lsd

ALD-52 for Sale / Where To Buy LSD Online UK AU

ALD-52 for sale online at buy psychedelics usa best place to buy legal psychedelic products online. While traditional psychedelics such as LSA, ayahuasca and mescaline will induce internal hallucinations near consistently at level 5 geometry and above, ALD-52 will for most simply go straight into Level 8A visual geometry.lsd for sale online    This lack of consistently induced hallucinatory breakthroughs means that for most, ALD-52 is simply not as deep of an experience as certain other psychedelics. buy psychedelics online 

 1A LSD / Effects of ALD 52 LSD

With high-speed centrifugation the effects of LSD-25 on brain serotonin are largely in the particulate fraction. LSD-25 in vivo or in vitro did not increase the destruction of serotonin or change the net synthesis of serotonin from 2 X 10-4 M 5-hydroxytryptophan. lsd buying online india lsd drug buy online 

These findings are interpreted as an effect of LSD-25 on inducing binding of brain serotonin and stimulating the binding of serotonin following reserpine induced depletion. how to buy lsd online buy liquid lsd online buy lsd acid online is buying lsd online safe buy lsd online uk buy lsd tabs online can i buy lsd online lsd 25 buy online lsd buying online 


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