Molecular Formula: none
Molar Mass: 218,2948 g/mol
Effect: dissociative, hallucinogenic
Purity of the substance:99.9%
Physical properties: Crystals, Powder
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Buy 2 HO PCE Online Fast Shipping. 3-HO-PCE also known as 3-Hydroxyeticyclidine,is chemical that belongs to arylcyclohexylamine class, is very similar to 3-HO-PCP.Buy it from Chemical Planet.

What is 3-HO-PCE | 3-HP-PCE For Sale Discreet Delivery

3-HO-PCE stands for 3-Hydroxyeticyclidine. This chemical falls into the arylcyclohexylamine class. It is a synthetic dissociative that is relatively new on the research chemical market. It is very similar to 3-HO-PCP in structural nature.

Early research reports have shown that this chemical produces research findings of stimulation, sedation, pain relief, motor control loss, changes in the perception of gravity, tactile disconnection, conceptual thinking, euphoria, disinhibition, time distortion, internal hallucination, and immersion enhancement. 3—HO-PCE is an excellent addition to any lab.

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Pharmacological effects

Like other arylcyclohexylamine dissociatives, 3-HO-PCP acts principally as an NMDA receptor antagonist. The NMDA (N-Methyl-D-Aspartate) receptor, a specific subtype of the glutamate receptor, modulates the transmission of electrical signals between neurons in the brain and spinal cord; for the signals to pass, the receptor must be open.

Dissociatives inhibit the normal functioning NMDA receptors by binding to and blocking them. This disruption of neural network activity causes network disintegration, some research suggests, by hyperconnectivity throughout the brain.

This causes an increase in noise (random, nonsensical and erroneous data) on the cerebral network and thus produces loss of normal cognitive and affective processing, psychomotor functioning, anesthesia.

This is often observed in those showing psychosis or induced with high-dose IV THC or Ketamine in healthy participants.

Unlike many other dissociatives, 3-HO-PCP has also been found to have appreciable affinity as a μ-opioid receptor agonist in animal models. However, the extent to which this applies to humans remains unknown.

Some of the most commonly reported effects are:

  • Stimulation
  • Spontaneous bodily sensations
  • Anxiety suppression
  • Physical & cognitive euphoria
  • Tactile enhancement

Potential Side Effects

  • Sedation
  • Conceptual thinking
  • Déjà vu
  • Orgasm suppression
  • Ego death

3-HO-PCE Legality

3-HO-PCE is illegal in the United Kingdom. It is unscheduled in most other countries since it is so new. However, it could potentially be considered illegal in nations with strong analogue laws, such as the United States. We offer high skilled discreet delivery for all our products to ensure safe and discreet delivery.

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