Dimethyltryptamine ( DMT )

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The primary effect of DMT is the experience of intense hallucinations that alter the individual’s perception of the world around them. DMT can be yellowish in color, or in white powdered form. When consumed as a brew, the dose is between 35-75 mg. Effects begin after 30-45 minutes, peak at 2-3 hours and are resolved in 4-6 hours.

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5 reviews for Dimethyltryptamine ( DMT )

  1. Lenora Jordan

    Product arrived within 3 days in Mexico, so definitely i have no complaints with Buy Psychedelics USA.

  2. Floy Jacobs

    I’ve order 3 times and both times I had very fast delivery (West of Texas) and the quality is the top.
    Always start small (3mg go high 6 then 10 max 15) and always test the substance before use (I’ve used Ehrlich Test)

  3. Stacy Baker

    I ordered a few times and tested with Hoffman and other tests, passed the tests every time, used a pro micro scale (I highly recommend this product) very potent and high quality every time.

  4. Theresa Davidson

    Customer service: good, fast.
    International delivery got product in good shape, though the tracking info on Post is late (7-8 days behind).
    The product has good quality and very fine… so it’s hard to keep quantity little enough

  5. Kevin Hernandez

    Very potent substance which appears to cause the effect known as “ego death” more often than certain other compounds in my mice.

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